What is Teloresk?

Teloresk is a creative attempt to keep track of characters from various campaigns that my friends and I have created for Pencil and Paper RPGs, such as Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, Deadlands, Shadowrun, etc.

The group I play with has been playing together for over 20 years now. And while we often remember the occasional shenanigans the our characters came up with, we rarely recall the meat and bones of the stories. And I felt like that was a shame. And I've been trying to figure out a fun way to keep track of these characters that would be interesting, and with visual references to help recall the many advantures we've been on.

Inspired by my reading through the Malazan Book of the Fallen series, I felt the system used there with the old gods, new gods/ascendants, and a deck of cards would be a very good framework with which to work with. Using the same basic structure, I could create a fantasy religion that could continue to evolve as we make new characters, and even impliment it into game systems like Shadowrun and DnD where the magic is structured around religions.

Using that structure, I could use the Dungeon Master's villans, and noteable characters we were up against as old Gods that were defeated or replaced by the new ascended Gods, our characters. With the deck of cards used in that same system, characters, even the shortest lived, could be immortalized in something like a tarot card.

All that was left after identifing the outline was digging up all the character sheets I could find, and then figure out a domain/emotion/power that represents them. And then most importantly, figure out the key figure to be the foundation, the start of the old Gods. It was easy to figure out just who that should be, I mean, who is going to forget when your party tricks the Dungeon Master into letting you attempt to summon an avatar of Skeletor and you roll a natural 20 on the roll he didn't think you'd be able to succeed at. But as I was making this as a surprise, I had to mask the name, try to impliment the system into a game before the Dungeon Master fully caught on. So the letters were jumbled up into Teloresk, the most dragon sounding name I could come up with from the same letters.

And thus, Teloresk was born. A fictional religion that is purely a fun and creative attempt at keeping track of various characters from multiple roleplaying game universes.